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Introducing the Brand New Lifesize Icon 450 System

Lifesize, a global innovator of video conferencing technology, has announced a breakthrough solution to address the problem of extending video collaboration to huddle rooms everywhere. The new Lifesize® Icon 450™ HD camera and phone system, paired with the Lifesize cloud-based video communication platform, creates the easiest yet most powerful meeting experience for these essential meeting spaces.

Huddle rooms are becoming ubiquitous in today’s office environments, but these rooms’ dimensions often make it difficult for video conferencing camera to put everyone in the picture. Lifesize has improved the camera design to address the specific nature and challenges of these spaces. The Icon 450’s smart-framing sensor intelligently adjusts its sharp, wide-angle camera lens to automatically capture and include everyone in the picture. With Lifesize’s cloud-based conferencing application, the camera’s advanced and market-leading technology creates an effortless collaboration hub that’s simple for end users to use and easy for IT administrators to support.

The plug-and-play Icon 450 is powered by Lifesize’s cloud-based conferencing service and guarantees users a seamless, high-quality meeting experience. Leveraging Lifesize’s enterprise-ready interoperability, the combination of the Icon 450 and cloud-based application can automatically launch meetings from Microsoft® Office 365® or Google Apps for Work™, conference with Skype for Business users and connect employees and guests from their phones or internet browsers — all with a single touch of the Lifesize® Phone™ HD, a meeting room command central for audio, video and web conferencing. The combined Lifesize® Cloud and hardware offering also gives users a unified, consistent communication experience across platforms and devices to simplify the user experience. For the IT administrator behind the scenes, this means less time spent on deployment, training and management, resulting in a significantly lower cost of ownership.

“For most businesses the conference room is still the central point of meetings and team collaboration, so the ability to effectively connect users to the conference room is critical,” says Craig Malloy, CEO of Lifesize. “For more than a decade, Lifesize has been a pioneer in crafting revolutionary video communication technology that allows both end users and IT administrators to spend more time on productive work and less time on troubleshooting. The Lifesize Icon 450 combines our rich history in conferencing devices with our powerful cloud-based service to provide a seamless video communication experience for users in today’s most popular conferencing location — the huddle room. This is truly a mark of our unique value proposition among video conferencing providers.”

Read the full official press release from Lifesize here.

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