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Microsemi Midspans Win Design Award

Microsemi Corporation, a leading provider of semiconductor solutions, has announced that its midspans have won the Renewable Energy Design Award in the Exception Technical Innovation category at the Elektra European Electronics Industry Awards 2014.

Run by Electronics Weekly, the Elektra Awards are considered among the most prestigious in the industry, providing an insight into the latest advancements in electronics and technology.

According to the judges, Microsemi's DC-powered Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) midspans substantially improve the cost and efficiency of deployment of small cells and other DC-powered deployments, while eliminating customer needs to use AC or an external DC to AC power converter, as is the case with AC midspans.

Following the awards ceremony, the judges also commented that the product was highly efficient in solving a practical problem that is experienced with solar panel installation by providing a cost-effective standalone solution for powering small cells, WAN access points, IP videophones and other high power applications in DC environments.

Speaking after the awards, director of marketing for PoE systems at Microsemi Sani Ronen stated that the firm was delighted to be honoured at the awards by peers and industry experts. He said: "Our unique portfolio of outdoor DC powered midspans makes it easier and more cost effective for cellular, Wi-Fi access and IP surveillance anywhere under the sun."

Mr Ronen continued: "As a pioneer in PoE since 1999, our systems fulfil today's need for DC powered devices which utilise energy from solar panels or in telecom locations which often require this type of voltage level."

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