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KEMP Hardware Load Balancers


Affordable ADC and Hardware Load Balancer Solutions

Streamlining and reducing costs are key concerns for IT administrators, and a hardware load balancer can help by distributing workloads and ensuring minimal downtime, access for user and critical infrastructure applications, simplifying network resource management and maximising TCO for web infrastructure.

A hardware load balancer is one of the essential components in today’s IT infrastructure and the LM Series from KEMP Technologies are affordable, feature rich ADC and server load balancer appliances dedicated to the task of providing secure and optimised delivery of web and other applications, through Layer 4 and 7 load balancing, SSL offload/acceleration and security resources. The LM Series provides high-availability, high-performance, scalability and ease of management with an option to suit all businesses, from SMBs to the enterprise. This is why the LM Series leads the industry in the price/performance value proposition.

In addition to LoadMaster solutions, KEMP Technologies’ GEO Global Multi-Site LoadMaster is available as a hardware plug and play ADC appliance. This appliance simplifies network management by automatically directing traffic to a disaster recovery site in the event of an outage. Additionally, the GEO can determine the location of a user in real time and direct them to the most geographically close and best-performing data centre, ensuring a seamless connection between user and the required web-based applications.

Click here to view the LM Series of hardware load balancers

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