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A Security Solution to Fully Protect All Your Data

Within its range of market-leading smart storage solutions, Tintri has also sought to address arguably the most pressing concerns facing organisations today: data security.

Keeping data safe and secure at all times is an absolute must and Tintri SecureVM allows users to do just that. With Tintri SecureVM, the user has the power to encrypt data at rest and in real time, conforming to highest security standards. This is particularly important in finance, government and healthcare industries, where there are often strict requirements or regulations to keep data secure at all times.

With simple configuration, customers using the Tintri VMstore T800 and T600 series can easily deploy this additional security software to add an extra layer of defence to their data. What’s more, Tintri can encrypt the data within a VMstore without it having any impact on application performance and all this can be effortlessly managed and monitored on the Tintri dashboard.

By layering SecureVM on top of a Tintri VMstore users can have peace of mind that their data is fully protected from theft, loss or malicious attacks, which have become increasingly prevalent in recent times. The simple configuration of this security solution makes it quick and easy to install, and the user can rotate keys on demand from the user interface if the key is compromised for any reason.

Tintri SecureVM boasts the highest level of security with AES-256 bit encryption standard and together with optional ReplicateVM software, a customer can easily replicate between VMstores with or without encryption.

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